Salt Brine Therapy

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sel grisSalt Brine Therapy is actually an ancient therapy and will benefit your whole body and mind.  It helps to supply needed nutrients and encourages cleansing within your body.  As a side note, one customer has been using salt brine daily for over 10 years and has not had a day of illness.  It’s easy to do with only 2 ingredients: salt and water.

Here’s how you make it:

Get a glass bottle with a good lid and fill it with distilled water.  Add a tsp. of Himalayan or Celtic Sea Salt (you don’t want to stint on the quality of salt-or water).  After 24 hours, see if there are any salt crystals in the bottom of the bottle.  If none there, add another tsp. of salt.  Do this daily until the salt crystals appear in the bottom of the bottle; at this point, the water is fully saturated and ready to use.  You may replenish this brine by adding more water and salt as needed.

Here’s how you use it:

Each morning, before your morning drink, add 1 tsp. of brine to a glass of pure water.  Drink this and wait just 10 minutes before continuing your usual routine.  Do this daily; this is important.

You should notice some changes for yourself in just a few days.  It might be more energy, better bowel movements, or clearer focus, or something else.  Keep doing the brine daily and see how much more you will improve.

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