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artichokeArtichoke has been used for centuries to help with digestion.  Its effect is to stimulate the production of bile from your gall bladder;  bile is needed to break down fats in your diet.  If you’ve ever had trouble with your gall bladder, you’ll know how important it is for good digestion.  This is the same artichoke that is cultivated for food, the globe artichoke.  You can buy the artichoke in the produce department of your store and you can also find artichoke hearts canned and pickled.  The part used for food is the unopened flower head.  Although similar to milk thistle (they are both thistles and look similar) it chemical properties are different.  People who cannot use milk thistle can usually use artichoke.  You don’t have to feel decadent if you eat an artichoke–it’s health food.

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