Evening Primrose Oil

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Evening-primroseEvening Primrose Oil has remarkable properties one of which is to balance women experiencing PMS.  The yellow flower produces a small seed from which the oil is extracted.  It is high in GLA, an essential fatty acid that is responsible for your body operating more efficiently.  A nutrient described as “essential” means your body cant produce it and it much be obtained from outside food sources.  There is a long list of benefits with Evening Primrose Oil, among them for PMS, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reducing blood clotting, clearing up eczema and psoriasis, helping rheumatoid arthritis, and Multiple Sclerosis.   Evening Primrose is an American original and, as its name suggests, its yellow flowers open at night.  It is not related to the true primrose which has a pink flower and blooms during daytime.

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