Flax Seed and Flax Seed Oil

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flaxFlax seed oil is good for your heart helping to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure.  The liquid can be taken daily.  Ground flax seed offers the same benefits plus it’s a good fiber, adding bulk and moisture to your bowel movement.  The ground seed can be added to baking products or to you morning cereal.  But let’s talk about the flax plant which has been used for thousands of years.  Its parts have so many different names you might not be able to put it together.  Lets start with the stem whose fibers are used to make linen which was the fabric of choice in ancient Egypt and beyond.  The seed of the flax plant is ground and eaten and is excellent for a good bowel movement.  The seed is also pressed for its oil and two different products result.  One is linseed oil which is used in paint and wood products and cannot be eaten.  The other is flax oil (sometimes called edible linseed oil) used today as a health supplement.  I’m showing flax seed and flax oil.  You can aslo get ground flax seed and flax oil softgels.  just follow either link below.

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