Green Tea Extract

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Green-teaGreen tea extract is another super antioxidant–the substance that helps to clean your body from the inside.  In addition, green tea is almost always used in diet regimens as it seems to control taste and hunger and improves the utilization of food in your body.  Better utilization means you need less food; fewer calories; weight loss.  Green tea is astringent and not only improves the function of the colon but can help to fight bacteria such as caused by food poison.  Green tea comes from a variety of camellia.  It is picked green and dried with heat to retain the green color.  If allowed to sit, it ferments and turns black (black tea).  If the fermenting process is halted halfway (green going to black), it is called Oolong.  White tea is the very tenderest small tips of the camellia.  You can buy tea flavored with Jasmine flowers, roasted rice,or bergamot oil (orange-Earl Grey).

Sunflower Jasmine Tea 1 LB (454 g)
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