Gugul Resin

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gugulGugul is the resin of the plant and has been used for thousands of years in Indian (as in India) healing arts.  It is also called gugul resin and gugulipid.  Its benefit for you is to help you to maintain normal levels of cholesterol and to improve the circulation of your natural thyroid hormone.  Because of the cholesterol and thyroid effect, it is also beneficial for weight loss.  There’s more.  It seems to help with arthritis perhaps by lubricating your joints.  The gugul plant is a large shrub or small tree.  Shrubs have a tendency to become as large as trees if not kept trimmed.  The tree is tapped for the resin, which is the part used.  The resin is also used as incense with a smell similar to myrrh gum.   It’s not very attractive in its raw resin form but it cleans up nicely as a supplement.

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