Kombucha Tea

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kombuchaKombucha is also called the Manchurian Mushroom and is used to brew a nutritious ferment that is drunk as a tea.  The ferment is high in protein and enzymes which are easily assimilated by your body.  It isn’t actually a mushroom but a mix of yeast and bacteria; it resembles a grayish gelatin substance.  It is easy to maintain and will provide you and your family a lifetime of nutritious “tea.”  It is easily fed with black tea and sugar (and other herbs, if you like.)   It takes on the shape of the container it’s in so it’s best to make your brew is in a wide mouth straight sided jar.  The mushroom sits on the top of the liquid.  This tea has so many benefits that it will help anyone with minor or major problems.

This is an ideal container for your Kombucha Tea.

1-gallon USDA Fermentation Glass Jar
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Price: $10.99
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