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MateMate’ (aka Yerba Mate’) is a South American plant whose dried leaves are brewed for a caffeine rich drink; one that would help to sustain you on a long journey or work day.  The shrub/tree like plant is a variety of holly.  Mate’ is rich in antioxidants so has value there, too.  Gauchos (South American cowboys) would carry their bombilla which was a metal straw with a filter on the end.  They also carried a wooden or metal drinking cup.  Hot water would go into the cup along with Mate’ leaves.  Then the filter end of the straw was put in the cup and the tea was drunk through the straw.   Picture yourself out on a plain in Argentina in the middle of nowhere.  Your horse is grazing nearby; you’ve just poured Mate’ leaves and hot water into your gourd and in goes your bombilla.  Not Starbucks, but it works and is very welcome for the energy it will give you.

Mickey Thienes

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