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sugarcaneOur health nemesis sugar actually produces a great health benefit.  Or, at least the sugarcane does.  Policosanol is made from sugarcane wax and is proven to lower cholesterol.  Sugarcane wax actually has had a long career as everything from candle wax to shoe polish to the food industry such as for chocolate and chewing gum.  It was as recently as the 1970’s that its heart benefits (controlling cholesterol) were studied and documented.  A lot of this slow process can be explained by the difficulty in processing the wax from sugarcane.  Since the 1920’s various processing methods have been patented, then improved upon until voila’ – policosanol.  This is a very safe (no side effects) way to help control your cholesterol levels.

Swanson Policosanol 20 mg 60 Caps
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Price: $9.88
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