Red Palm Oil

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red-palmRed palm oil is a huge factory of antioxidants making it more effective than other antioxidants combined (beta carotene, Vitamins A & E, lycopene, lutein, and others).  Its job is to prevent oxidation in your body–the ongoing result of cellular activity.  Oxidation can change cellular structure and lead to cancer and other ailments along the way.  Palm oil is used in soap making and not appropriate for internal use.  Red palm oil can be used internally like your everyday oil, in salad dressing and low heat cooking.  The oil is extracted from the trunk of the oil palm, which is a tropical plant.  It is expensive–until you compare the cost of using individual antioxidants.  Do you need this?  We all need antioxidant support and today’s world is even more hazardous with so much pollution and chemicals in our food supply.  Give it a try.  You may not know what it is doing for you but you will know if you feel better using it.

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