Swedish Bitters

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swedish bittersSwedish Bitters is an old recipe dating to the 16th. century.  There are different combinations of 11 herbs that make up Swedish Bitters but this is the one I’ve always used.  Bitters are cleansing to your body and are very helpful with digestive problems.  One local naturopathic doctor has clients put some on a cotton ball and put it in the ear for earache.  It is used both internally and externally.  If  you’ve never smelled camphor, you might find the taste odd because camphor is one of the ingredients.  I found out that mixing the bitters in lemonade makes even camphor taste good.

This herbal formula contains manna, fraxinus ornus, angelica root, zedoary root, aloe, rhubarb root, senna, myrrh, carline thistle root, carlina acaulis, camphor, black snakeroot, rhizoma cimicifugae, valerian root, cinnamon, cardamon, and saffron.

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