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ThymeThyme is one of those herbs you may have in your kitchen and, if you’re lucky, growing in your garden.   It is wonderful for seasoning food but did you know it has a long history as a medicinal herb?  It has strong anti-bacterial properties, can relieve pain, and is effective for such things a nail fungus.  For the purpose of your home medicine chest, the essential oil of thyme is easiest to keep on hand.  If you are not used to using essential oils, one point to remember is that they are extremely concentrated and should never be used without diluting.  A drop or two of essential oil in a tablespoon of olive oil is all you need.  I’ve used this to rub on my cheek when I’ve had a toothache.  It stops the pain so I think both the pain relieving properties and anti-microbial properties have kicked in.   The essential oil is one of the ingredients in Listerine mouthwash (the original-yellow kind) so you know it must be effective against bacteria.  As a chest rub, it will decongest you.   Don’t forget to make it part of your cooking–antibacterial properties plus great flavor can be important there, too.

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