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chicoryChicory is very beneficial for your digestive tract as it is high in a substance (inulin) that feeds and nurtures the beneficial flora in your colon.  In addition, is kills internal parasites such as worms.  You may be wondering what is chicory but actually, it’s all around you.  If you take a drive in the country in summer, you may notice a roadside “weed” that is distinguished by its bright blue flowers.  That’s chicory.  The root of chicory is roasted and ground and blended with coffee and brewed–the famous New Orleans coffee.  In Europe, the leaves of this plant are cooked and eaten much like spinach.  The leaves are bitter but discarding the cooking water eliminates some of that.  Besides, bitter foods are cleansing for your body.  Next, check out the produce department of a large grocery store.  You’ll find other chicory relatives here such as radicchio, which looks like a small purple cabbage but packs a great, spicy punch; endive, a green leafy salad plant; and Belgian endive, which looks like a small, pale romaine.  As the chicory plant grows, the leaves are buried so that the plant blanches-this is Belgian endive.  These are all chicory.  So you see, it is all around you.  What a versatile plant.

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