Amaranth – Love Lies Bleeding

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amaranth-254x300Here is a plant that may surprise you.  If you’re into health food, you recognize amaranth as a high protein grain.  If you’re into flower gardens, you will recognize this old beauty as Love Lies Bleeding.  So, the seeds are a high protein food; the flowers add beauty to the back of your flower border; the leaves can be made into a tea that helps control bleeding such as a heavy menstrual flow.  If you have space in your garden, this 4′ to 5′ annual is a real beauty.  It needs heat and a long growing season.  If you process it for its seeds you actually do it before the flower heads dry out.  Inquire on the internet “how to process amaranth.”  Oh yes, you can pop the seeds like popcorn.  This plant has been around for thousands of years as it was an important food and ceremonial offering of the Aztecs.  Let’s continue to treasure it.

100 Love Lies Bleeding Flower Seeds
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