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BlackberryYour garden blackberry has more uses than in a cobbler.  A tea made from the leaves will stop diarrhea.  Eating blackberries has benefits for the eyes, too, because of the antioxidants in the high blue/black color of the berries.  During blackberry season, I’ll eat some daily.  I noticed after a week of eating the berries, my night vision was much better.  I used to see a blinding halo around oncoming cars at night from their headlights.  This went away after blackberries and I only saw round lights.  Blackberries are very high in iron and are a great blood builder because of this.  This can be constipating for some people (and thus can stop diarrhea, too.)  Plant some blackberries and you will have a lifetime supply of delicious, nutritious fruit.  I’m still picking berries from the plants I started with 25 years ago.  Each year, the plant sends up new canes and the old ones are cut away after fruiting.  I chose a thorn-less variety and it is delicious.  Oh, a tip on picking blackberries.  The fruit turns black, then ripens.  A ripe blackberry will come off the cane easily and without a cap.

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