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catnipCatnip isn’t just for your puss, it’s properties have been valued for hundreds of years of use.  It is mildly sedative and is gentle enough for children to use.  I have seen it calm hyperactive children.  It can calm an upset stomach and help to control gas.  It is related to mint and does have a mild minty flavor. It is sometimes called catmint. The product we feature is a catnip tea.   By the way, not all cats respond to catnip.  It seems there is a genetic tendency among cats to its aroma.  They get a little drunk on it, actually. The plant is easy to grow and reseeds itself easily.

KONG Premium Catnip, 1-Ounce
List Price: $5.31
Price: $6.45
You Save: N/A
Alvita Tea, Organic, 24 Count
List Price: $9.91
Price: $9.19
You Save: $0.72
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