Gravel Root – Queen of the Meadow

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gravelrootGravel root does just what the name implies; it breaks up stones such as kidney and bladder stones.  All parts of the plant are useful; leaf, flower, and root.  We suggest an easy to use tincture, but you can make a tea that is equally effective.  It is useful for many urinary conditions, beneficial for the prostate, and effective for gout.   This plant has several common aliases, Queen of the Meadow and Joe Pye weed are two of them.  It is a perennial that grows in damp meadows in many parts of the U.S. from North to South.  Flowers may be purple, pink or white.  Confusing?  Sure.  If you’re going to go wild crafting, I suggest going with someone experienced in the area you’re in.  I’ve lived in many parts of this county and found that a plant I was familiar with in one state, looks different in another.  Of course, weather and soil conditions alter the plants.

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