Irish Moss Seaweed

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Irish-MossIrish Moss is actually a seaweed growing along rocky coastlines in Ireland (and North America).  It is nutritionally rich in protein and many essential vitamins and minerals.  During the potato famine in Ireland, many people took to eating Irish Moss and did well on it.  It is mucilaginous-that is forms a “slime” that is soothing to soft tissues both internally and externally.  It is a great expectorant, helping to clear congestion.  If you cook with it, you’ll find it thickens food nicely so put a TBL. of Irish Moss in your next pot of vegetable soup, both for the nutrition and for its thickening ability.  P.S.  As if that isn’t enough, Irish Moss is used by home brewers to clarify their beer.  To confuse matters, there is a land plant called Irish Moss.  So if you make an internet inquiry, use the term Irish Moss Seaweed.  Irish moss is sometimes referred to as carageenan, which is an extract of red, edible seaweeds, among them, Irish moss.

Irish Moss- 1 oz
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