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The mulberry has a long history of use, in many different directions.  As a tea or capsule made from the dried leaf, it is soothing to your digestive tract and helps to balance   your blood sugar levels.  If you have your own  mulberry tree, be sure to dry the leaves before use.  The fruit actually comes in three different colors from white to pink to purple.  Dr. Oz has made the white mulberry famous for its weight loss properties.  The purple berry is used to make mulberry wine or it is sweetened for a pie.  Last but not least, the fresh leaves are the only food a silk worm will eat and the silk worm spins a cocoon from one of the strongest natural materials known to man-silk.  There’s a lot to like here and just to show its popularity, there’s even a children’s song that celebrates it; “Pop goes the weasel.”  (“Round and round the mulberry bush….”)    Well, there is one thing not to like.  If you have Mulberry in your neighborhood you’ll know it when birds start dropping pink and purple poop all over your car.  The good part?  It’s great food for wild birds.  Those droppings also sprout new trees and I’m always digging mulberry trees out of  my garden.  It is a tree but can be kept trimmed so it’s bushy.  This makes it easy to pick the fruit for wine making or the leaves for drying for tea.










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