Sassafras Root

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Sassafrass-225x300If you live in the Eastern part of the country you may have been introduced to Sassafras tea as a Spring tonic.  (Sorry Western U.S. it doesn’t grow your way).  Sassafras has some pain relieving properties, is a blood purifier and stimulates urination all of which make this a good tonic herb.  It was also used by American Indians to bring down fever.  Once you taste sassafras you will know…it tastes like root beer.  Indeed, the root beer we know of today was originally called root tea.  But, to preserve history, get out in the woods before the leaves bud out with someone who knows what sassafras looks like, and dig some roots.  I was lucky enough to have that experience.  To make your tea, chop your roots and put in a pan with water.  Simmer for about 5 minutes, then let  it steep another 5 minutes.  Enjoy.  The leaves of sassafras are the main ingredient in the Cajun (think New Orleans) spice gumbo file’ which is added to soups and stews after they are cooked.  It thickens and flavors the soup.

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