Summer Savory

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savoryYou may know savory from your herb rack but did you also know it is a good remedy for most stomach and colon problems?  Whether  it’s gas, indigestion or even diarrhea, savory will help.  There are two kinds of savory; summer savory and winter savory.  Summer savory is what you usually find in the herb department and it is an annual.  Winter savory is a small perennial bush but I don’t think it has the intense flavor of summer savory.  I do like to use savory to season dried beans when I’m cooking them.  It not only adds flavor but also helps with bean digestion.  To use savory for health purposes, steep a tsp. of leaves in 1 cup boiling water.  I like to steep until the water is room temperature.  Then strain and drink, sipping throughout the day.  Summer savory is an easy plant for most people to grow so if you have a garden, you might want to consider adding this little known jewel.

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