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TarragonTarragon (the one in your herb cupboard) is mildly sedative, a diuretic and aids digestion, besides being a delicious herb used in cooking.  It has a very mild, almost licorice flavor. If you wish to use it for its health benefits, steep 1/2 tsp. herb in 1/2 cup water.  Let sit until room temperature.  You shouldn’t have to sweeten it, either.  Tarragon is one of the 5 herbs in the French “fines herbes” blend along with basil, chives, marjoram and chervil.  This blend is delicious added to beaten eggs for an omelet.  I like tarragon in onion soup.   It can even enhance canned soup.  The proper name is French Tarragon because there is another variety (Russian Tarragon–I think)  that is not as tasty.  If you decide to grow this delightful plant, be sure to get French Tarragon.

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