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sweet woodruffSweet Woodruff is antispasmodic and has pain relieving properties for migraine headaches and general neuralgia.  It is recommended for people who produce gravel in the urinary tract.  It is also very calming in cases of restlessness or hysteria.  You don’t hear much about Sweet Woodruff  but you should know it is very versatile.  It’s a low growing shade plant (8″ – 10″ tall) that likes a moist soil.  If allowed, it will spread-slowly.  In Spring it will be covered in bright white flowers that lighten any shaded area.  The foliage is also interesting.  To use, pick and dry the leaves (never use fresh leaves) then make a tea using 2 tsp. dried herb per cup of boiling water.  Its other use is even more interesting.  In Europe, wineries start serving from their new casks in May–actually before the wine is quite mature.  May wine is notoriously rough but not when you add Sweet Woodruff.  The dried herb is added to the wine and soaked (overnight?) and strained and served.  The Woodruff makes any wine taste smooth and delicious.  If you are a wine drinker and can’t always get the expensive variety, try a lesser variety with Sweet Woodruff.  I did, and it’s wonderful.  Don’t forget to dry the leaves before using.

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