Parasite Cleanse – Wormwood Combo

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WormwoodA classic parasite cleanse consists of the herbs wormwood, cloves, and green black walnut hull.  There are modern versions of this combination that you can use today.  We all have parasites.  If we live with or work with animals, we have a few more.  You can pick up a parasite from that sun ripened tomato you just plucked and ate; from breathing the air around the kitty litter box; from pushing the grocery cart at the store.  A parasite cleanse now and then makes sense.  What should you notice if you do a cleanse?  It could be any number of things.  Your urine or bowel movement might be especially stinky; you might notice nothing other than you feel a little more energetic; or you might sleep sounder.  Here’s a good one to try:

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