Poke – Pokeweed

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PokeweedPokeweed is another poisonous plant you need to recognize as it may show up  in your garden.  It’s a hardy perennial and grows wild–especially noticeable along country roads when the fruit turns almost black and hangs down in clusters from the umbrella shaped plant.  There’s no pulling the plant up, you have to dig it up and you may find you have to do it several times before saying bye, bye.  All parts of the plant are poisonous but it has been used medicinally and you need to know this, too.  The young leaves are cooked as greens–but only after cooking in at least three changes of water.  Or, don’t bother.  There are too many greens out there that won’t hurt you.  Medicinally, the dried root was used to make a tea which has some pain relieving properties and is mildly laxative.

Pokeweed Medicinal 5 seeds
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