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strawberryIt’s not strawberry shortcake that’s health food.  It’s the strawberry.  It’s a high antioxidant berry with a hidden talent.  Crushed strawberries kill a number of viruses, instantly.  Among them are the polio, herpes and coxsackie viruses; and that’s just a few of the many viruses strawberry kills.  I saw dramatic evidence of this when a friend of mine spent a day picking, sorting and eating strawberries from her new bed.  This friend had a known load of viruses, high among them the coxsackie virus.  Normally, after a day working like this she would be exhausted.  She wasn’t and when I pointed out the strawberry connection to her, she continued eating her crushed berries and is still feeling better and better.  The whole  plant is actually beneficial as the leaves, stems and flowers  make a good digestive tea.  There is even scientific studies that show lower rates of cancer in people who ate strawberries.  Anyone can grow strawberries.  All you need is a patio or front porch.  The strawberry jar was designed just for this purpose–or you could grow herbs in one, too.  But let’s vote for strawberries.

Mickey Thienes

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