Yellow Dock

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yellowdockYellowdock root has been used since ancient times for its tonic abilities.  In other words, you feel better when you take it.  It has a myriad of actions that may help you to feel better.  It is an internal cleanser, it’s high in beta-carotene, and also high in iron which helps make red blood.  More red blood, more oxygen circulating in your body, more energy.   The leaves are seldom used as they are high in oxalic acid which can be irritating to you.  Yellowdock is a hardy perennial plant found in the wild in meadows, at the edge of fields, in pastures and the edges of forests.  It is actually considered a pest weed in North America as it is hard to get rid of and it spreads readily from its seeds.  But it has been around a long time and it clings on–for a good reason.  It is a valuable healing plant.

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