Yerba Santa

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yerba-santaYerba santa leaf has long been a favorite herb of mine because of its ability to help arthritis.  It is also good for bronchial conditions, even asthma.  One of my earliest herbal formulas was a liniment (yerba santa leaf, peppermint leaf, wintergreen leaf, chamomile flower, orange peel-soaked in rubbing alcohol until dark green) that immediately stopped joint pain.  It can also stop a leg cramp when applied to the cramp.  If you take a hard bump and will bruise apply this liniment and no bruise will form.  Likewise, apply to an existing bruise and watch it disappear.  I had one customer tell me that he applied the liniment over his heart while his daughter drove him to the hospital during a heart attack.  He swears it saved his life.  Smashed toes or fingers? Douse them in the liniment and after you get over the sting of the alcohol, the pain stops and never comes back.  This plant is an American original that grows in the west and was used by Native Americans.   If you want to be your own herbalist and make this liniment, go to a store that specializes in herbs.  They may not carry these herbs but they can order them for you.

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