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lettuceLettuce has pain relieving properties, is an expectorant, and a sedative.  No wonder it taste good; it makes us feel good.  If you grow your own lettuce, let it go to seed.  As it does, the plant sap becomes milky and this is when the sedative properties are strongest.  Also, if you grow your own, you can pick and eat lettuce right away; this is when the plant’s healing and nutritional properties are highest.  If you have trouble falling asleep, eat a couple of lettuce leaves right before bed.  If you grow your own lettuce, let it self sow (go to seed and scatter) and you may get wild lettuce next year.  This is a much larger plant (5′ or 6′) and the leaves can be dried and stored for making tea.  I’ve found lettuce to be quite winter hardy.  It is a cool weather plant and I plant it in February in Zone 6.  Ice, snow and frost won’t bother the seeds.  They’ll just wait until they like the conditions, then sprout.  I can see why lettuce has been a food plant for thousands of years; for all its delicacy, it’s quite hardy.

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