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lovageI call lovage my 6′ celery plant.  It looks exactly like celery – well, except that it’s 6′ tall.  The stalks aren’t as succulent as celery, but the prolific leaves are tender and delicious, raw in a salad or cooked in a stew.  The flavor is a cross between celery and black pepper.  Lovage was actually part of the official pharmacopeia, the original guide for doctors (and druggists) on healing plants.  Seeds, leaves and roots are all used, especially for their bronchial support and as an effective diuretic.  There are some potential side effects from the stronger parts of the plant–the seeds and roots–so stick to the leaves.  If you have room in your garden, grow this plant; it’s mostly perennial but will reseed itself.  It’s a beautiful plant, it tastes good, and is a great conversation piece.

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