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avacadoFruit oil.  That’s what avocado is high in and this rare element is a powerhouse of nutrition especially trace minerals.  Another well known fruit oil is olive oil.  You know how good that is for you.  In the case of the avocado, we’re going to eat it or use the oil to treat skin conditions, and for that, it is superb.  Avocado skin oil will reduce age spots, heal scarring and restore damaged skin, make your skin look younger and even get rid of psoriasis or eczema.  We see two types avocado.  One is dark and has a nubby skin and the nickname of alligator pear.  This variety is grown primarily in California.  I was lucky enough to see an avocado grove as a child growing up.  The one thing I remember is that the beautiful trees were huge.  Another variety of avocado is a little larger, lighter green in color and with a smooth skin.  This variety is grown in tropical areas from Mexico south.  Both are delicious and I’ve never noticed any difference in flavor.  How do you like your avocado?  In a salad, as a sandwich, how about guacamole?   When the eating is all done, give your child the seed and let him sprout his own avocado tree.  Stick 4 toothpicks around the circumference of the avocado and set it in a glass of water, pointy side down.  It will sprout.  Put it in a pot when sprouted and in cold climates, bring it inside for the winter.

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