Coriander – Cilantro

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coriander-cilantroCoriander is the seed of the plant, cilantro is the leaf of the plant; both have wonderful, distinct properties.  Aromatic coriander seed is antispasmodic and a digestive aid, stimulating the appetite and helping to prevent the formation of gas in the digestive tract.  Its mild taste means it can be used to flavor lots of different foods and is even good by itself as a cup of tea (1 heaping tsp. seeds to 1 cup boiling water).   Cilantro, on the other hand, is anything but aromatic.  In fact, it tastes like burnt crankcase oil.  I say that because one warm spring I was mowing and stopped my mower thinking I somehow had lost all the oil in the mower; there was that smell of burnt oil!  Nope.  Mower was fine and when I backtracked, I realized I had mowed some edging I had planted with cilantro.  So, burnt crankcase oil or not, cilantro is a very popular green used frequently as a garnish much as you use parsley.  It also makes a great pesto (food process cilantro, olive oil, salt, lemon juice and a few nuts to a fine paste.  Great on spaghetti.)  Its other properties:  it’s highly recommended as a cleanser for heavy metals in the body.  For that, blend with water until liquid and drink.  I also have a great recipe for a liqueur using coriander seed that is very popular among my friends and makes a great, after dinner digestive drink.

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