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cucumber“As cool as a cucumber” is based on fact.  Cucumbers are cooling to the body and make an effective skin treatment for sunburn, inflammation, even bed sores.  That’s not all cucumber does.  It is diuretic and helps to dissolve uric acid implicated in kidney stones and gout.  A nice cucumber salad is relief for constipation.  The best part–cucumbers are easy to grow and readily available at the grocers.  If you decide to grow your cucumbers, think about how you are going to use them.  The salad cucumbers are large, dark shiny green and useless for making pickles because they turn to mush.  Pickling cucumbers (referred to as white spine) are smaller and feature a white stripe or two (see picture).  These stay crisp when pickled.  There are varieties today, including seedless cucumbers, that do it all.  I like a white spine cucumber that is also excellent as a salad and best of all, you can eat peel and all.  Now that you are growing your own cucumbers, you can make your own deli dill pickles. Those delicious pickles are so good, even when still half raw.

Mickey Thienes

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