Deli Dill Pickle

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DeliDillPickleWhat makes a deli-dill pickle so good is the fact that it’s still half raw; still a cucumber.  You can make these for yourself and the secret is, you don’t “can” them, that is seal them in a hot water bath.  The hot water bath effectively cooks the cucumber.  For deli-dills, you will pack your cucumbers into a jar, fill the jar with a hot brine, screw on a plastic lid and let sit at room temperature until cool.  Then refrigerate.  Start eating in a couple of days.  See the complete instructions below.

1 cup canning salt (it’s called canning salt and it’s different from table salt).
1 quart white distilled vinegar.
3 quarts distilled water.

Combine in a large pan and heat until the salt is dissolved.  Store in an empty plastic gallon bottle and shake it before using.  When ready to make a jar of pickles shake your brine and pour into a saucepan. Use 2 cups of brine for a pint jar and 4 cups of brine for a quart jar.

Prepare Cucumbers:
Scrub your cucumbers and pack them tightly into your jar along with peeled and sliced garlic, chili pepper (if desired) and fresh dill. You can also use rosemary and French tarragon or any combination of fresh herbs you like.  Bring your brine to a boil and pour into the jar, filling to the top.  As air bubbles escape, your brine will go down.  Top it off with brine and seal tightly with a plastic lid.  Set aside to cool to room temperature then refrigerate.  You won’t have used all your brine so simply return unused brine to your gallon storage jug.  You can pickle all kinds of food such as green tomatoes, cauliflower and sweet peppers.  That’s why I always keep a jug of brine handy — and a large refrigerator. You’ll notice I was particular about the salt, vinegar and even the DISTILLED water. These specific items guarantee the prettiest and clearest and cleanest pickles.  Good luck.

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