Hen and Chickens

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hen and chicksHen and chickens is an easy to grow plant whose juice can be beneficial in an emergency for a burn, scald or even insect stings as the pain is quickly reduced. Mix some juice with a little honey and use it for mouth ulcers. Have a problem with your eye? Break a leaf and squeeze the juice in your eye. The plant is a coolant, is anti-inflammatory, and astringent.  In larger doses, it can be a purgative, that is it can purge the body especially through the bowel. The juice has also been used to remove corns and warts. This plant has been used medicinally for hundreds of years and its other name, houseleek, describes how it was grown. It was grown on cottage roofs. Many roofs were made of slate and this feisty little plant has no trouble clinging to and growing on rock. It was thought to help hold the slates in place.

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