Herbal Liqueur

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liqueurThis liqueur combines the flavor of coriander seed and fennel seed (and their health benefits) in a lightly sweetened drink that is great after dinner because of its digestive  and calming properties.  This drink is very popular among my friends and guests, for both men and women.  Put a smile on your friends’ faces and offer them a little liqueur over a couple of ice cubes.

Your ratio of coriander and fennel is 2:1 so you can adjust this recipe up or down.  1 cup coriander, 1/2 cup fennel seed.  Put in stainless steel pot and add 1 bottle (1.75 mil) of scotch or vodka.  I use half scotch and half vodka.  The vodka gives the drink a lighter color, the scotch adds an undertone of flavor not at all like the original scotch.  Put a lid on it and put it on the stove over medium heat.  Heat about 30 minutes – you don’t want it to boil so watch it until you see how your stove does with the time.  When done (you’ll get a nice aroma), turn off heat and let sit on stove 24 hours.  Check it the next day.  Most of the seed should have absorbed the alcohol and dropped to the bottom of the pan.  If there are a lot of seeds still floating, repeat the process.  Now you’re ready to bottle it.  Pouring through a strainer, put it in your bottle.  Add 2 TBL. honey and shake well to blend.  You can adjust the honey up or down to suit your taste.  Now, give it a test drive.  Put 2 ice cubes in a glass and pour a little liqueur over the ice.  Enjoy!

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