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horseradishOne sniff or taste of horseradish and your sinuses will start draining.  Eat a little more and your digestive juices will start flowing.  Even more allows it to reach your colon at full strength where it can flush a slow colon.  It’s also a good diuretic.  If you like hot things but don’t do well on chiles, then horseradish is for you.  It’s only pungent while fresh so the dried root doesn’t help.  It can even make a poultice for any place where you want to draw blood to the surface of the skin, such as an arthritic knee.  As you can see, it is good to flush toxins in almost any part of the body, inside or out.  Fresh horseradish is easy to grow.  If you prepare your own horseradish, be sure to check on-line on how to do it safely.  It is hot, you know.  If you buy horseradish already prepared, please look for a refrigerated brand as shelf stable horseradish has chemical preservatives in it.  My favorite way of fixing it is to mix it with non-dairy cream cheese (I can’t do dairy) and eat it with poached fish.  This blend also makes a good sandwich spread.  Add a dollop of mayonnaise and some non-dairy sour cream and you have a creamy salad dressing reminiscent of bleu cheese.

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