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juniperJunipers come in all sizes from low growing shrubs that make dense ground cover to more upright shrubs that can grow 3′ to 4′.   Juniper is a great digestive aid, stimulating digestion where your own hydrochloric acid is low.  It helps to prevent and to expel gas.  Juniper is a diuretic helping to rid you of excess fluid; boiling the young twigs in water and inhaling the steam will help you get over chest congestion as it is very antiseptic and helps to loosen phlegm.  The berries are used as a spice, also, wherever you might use sage.  Our local exclusive dining club always ordered juniper berries to be used whenever they prepared venison or lamb.  If you have digestive problems you can chew on the berries or make a tea from them.  This will help to digest your meal.  Juniper is a long lived shrub and a good foundation plant in any yard.  It is evergreen and a green reminder during winter when most plants are dormant or brown.  It also provides warm shelter for small animals in winter, especially birds.  Whatever it has that makes it evergreen (a plant antifreeze) makes it warmer than anything around it.

Juniper Berries - 1 oz.
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Price: $6.08
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Price: $9.29
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