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turnipTurnips are a high sulfur food and thus good for the skin.  Sulfur helps to draw out toxins and a poultice of grated turnip on a sore knee or joint is very soothing.   The purple top white globe is the most popular turnip in this country and it is good both for its globe and its greens.  It has a look-alike in the rutabaga, which is a completely different vegetable.  Rutabagas are much larger than turnips and usually are waxed for storage.  Also, the rutabaga turns yellow when cooked.  Even some produce departments get confused because they are twins.  If you’re going to plant turnips, remember you can get purple top, or a variety grown especially for its greens (called seven top), or a white variety which is actually favored in Europe.  Turnips are as versatile as the potato and can be prepared the same way:  boiled and mashed, and fried such as French fries and hash browns.  There is a lot of sugar in turnips and they easily brown when fried and the flavor gets very mild.  Then, of course you can eat them raw or sprinkle a little vinegar, salt and sugar over them for seasoning.  Also, they make great kraut.

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