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ChivesChives both stimulate the appetite and aid in the digestive process.  And all you need is a little bit.  Chives are always used fresh being added after food has been cooked.  The chive we’re most used to is a small hollow stem with a definite onion flavor.  The plant has a purple/pink flower.  It is perennial and expands from its small bulb and reseeds itself.  It’s the perfect plant to have in a pot on your kitchen windowsill.  There is another chive, too, and that’s garlic chives with a definite mild garlic flavor.  This plant has a flat leaf and white flower and grows like chives.  On both types, the flowers and leaves can be used.  Garlic chives are mild enough to add directly to a salad for that hint of garlic.

Garlic Chives
garlic chives

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