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columbineAll parts of the columbine are useful; flowers, leaves, seeds and roots.  A tea made from any of these parts is astringent, acts as a diuretic and can promote perspiration.  The root is the strongest part and a tea made from it can help stop diarrhea.    I have columbine growing in my garden and it reseeds itself so it’s not only perennial but also spreading, though not invasive.  In trying to find a source of seeds for you I noticed all the customer comments were negative for germination.  I don’t know if this is the problem but please note that the columbine seedlings look just like a small clover when they sprout.  I’ve weeded out plenty of them myself before realizing they were baby columbine.  Also, this flower is at its best in cool Spring and Fall weather so this may also be the best planting time for the seed.  Or go to your plant nursery and pick up a plant.


columbine seedling

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