Bedstraw – Lady’s Bedstraw

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bedstrawIf you wonder how this herb got its name – Lady’s bedstraw, it was gathered and put on the bed of a lady giving birth, to ease her childbirth.  It must have worked because it’s been used for centuries.  But this herb is not just for ladies, it has many more uses such as normalizing thyroid, getting rid of cancer, cleansing the liver, kidney, pancreas and spleen of toxic wastes. When suffering from a disorder of the lymphatic system, one should drink bedstraw tea daily.  A tea is made from the fresh or dried leaves steeped in boiling water.  As if this isn’t enough talent for one plant, women used the leaves as a curdling agent by putting the leaves in milk; this was the start of the cheese making process.  There are two types bedstraw; a short version with white flowers and a taller version with yellow flowers.  I’ve had the short version grow in my garden and I’ve always pulled it as a weed.  The leaves have a kind of sticky substance on them (probably the good stuff), so when you touch them, they cling to you.  Pulling them is easy, getting them off you is the hard part; like peeling an octopus off.

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