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cardamonCardamon has long been used as a digestive aid not only stimulating appetite but also stimulating the whole digestive process.  It is especially good at preventing the formation of gas or from dispelling it if it does form.  Cardamon is the third most expensive spice (by weight) behind saffron and vanilla.  It is much prized in the cooking of Norway, Sweden and India.  There are two types cardamon, one light brown and one black.  It is the light brown one that is most used.  The seeds are contained in a light green pod (white pods are just green ones that have been bleached).  For freshness, it is best to buy the pods and remove the seeds as needed.  You can buy them seeded (decorticated) and ground but these loose their essences rapidly.  Besides being used in curries, it is used to flavor drinks and breads.   Cardamon grows in tropical climates such as India.

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