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basilBasil is a very powerful digestive aid and its exquisite flavor makes it easy to use in a lot of dishes.  Basil helps to prevent the formation of gas, aids in digestion, and is helpful for constipation.  It also has antispasmodic properties so say goodbye to stomach cramps or any kind of intestinal cramp.  Basil is an easy annual plant and grows readily from seed.  Because of its popularity, your local garden center will also carry the plants in Spring.  All you need is one plant.  As it grows, trim off a stem or two and put in water.  In just a few days, your stems will have healthy roots growing.  By planting at multiple times you ensure a long supply of fresh basil.  Basil has a variety of flavors, that is undertones of other tastes.  Holy basil and lime basil are just two examples of the varieties available.  There’s one out there that you will like.  Basil is used to make pesto, the classic green sauce for spaghetti; it makes a wonderful vinegar; it is divine as a seasoning for chicken; its health benefits are real.  Go enjoy.

Nature's Way Holy Basil, 60 Vcaps
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