Virginia Creeper

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Virginia creeperCaution: This plant can cause an allergic reaction in some people similar to poison ivy or oak blisters.
The bark and twigs of this plant are collected in the Fall after the berries have ripened.  Made into a sweetened tea, the drink is an expectorant and tonic.  It is a prolific plant and grows in most parts of the United States.  In the Midwest, you see it covering the sides of barns and rural store buildings.  I had my own run-in with Virginia Creeper.  It was growing behind my garden shed, covering bushes and shed.  I asked the local county store owner what it was (he had some growing on his building) and he told me Virginia Creeper.  Not a hint of  potential danger and such a mild name.   I tore in and tore out all the creeping vine.  That night, both arms started itching.  The next morning I had blisters the size of nickels and dimes covering both arms.   That was one lesson I will never forget; beside I still have some scars on my arms.

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