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AlmondsAlmonds are one of the most utilized foods of all times.  Its main benefit is its emollient effect on the body, inside and out, that is, it softens skin and tissue.  It is also a powerhouse of nutrients.  Here are some of the ways you find almonds:  Marzipan (sweet almond paste), sweet almond oil (for massage), almond “milk” (a healthy dairy substitute), a healthy snack or addition to many foods.  There is also a bitter almond, a related but different plant.  Bitter almond contains prussic acid (cyanide).  If you’ve ever seen the old black and white murder mysteries, someone sniffs the corpse’s mouth and smells almonds…they know it was cyanide.  The almond is not a true nut but more closely related to a peach or prune pit.  This fact was known by Luther Burbank, the  great horticulturist who gave us such plants as Russet potatoes, Elberta peach and the Shasta daisy.  In his early career after he moved to California, he was given an order to supply a prune orchard.  Prunes were becoming very popular and no one else could supply them.  Burbank didn’t have prune trees for the order but he remembered they were related to almond trees and he had those.  He took his young almonds and grafted prune foliage on them  and had a prune orchard.

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