Cordyceps Mushrooms

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CordycepsMushrooms have long been valued for their healing properties and none more so than Cordyceps.  They are Anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, anti-viral, blood pressure control, blood sugar control, cardiovascular support, cholesterol reducer, immune booster, kidney tonic, liver tonic, lung tonic, nerve tonic, stress reducer.  This is a great supplement for anyone in a weakened condition and is especially valued for its action on the kidneys.  Some mushrooms grow on trees, some on the ground.  We only know they’re there when they fruit, come to the surface to release their spores (seeds) and repopulate.  Cordyceps is a little different as it can invade plants and animals.  If the host is small enough, such as an ant, the fruiting mushroom can kill it when it sprouts.  On the Tibetan plateau there is what is called summer grass, winter worm.  The winter worm is Cordyceps.  The natives noticed that yaks that grazed on this winter worm were healthier than other animals.  This eventually led to a vigorous trade in Cordyceps, whose value was close to that of gold.   Use the search box and inquire on “mushroom” for a complete listing of mushrooms on this site.

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