Reishi Mushroom

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reishiReishi mushrooms have remarkable powers and you don’t have to be ailing to take this supplement.  It normalizes all body functions; i.e. if your blood pressure is low, it raises it to a normal level; if your heart beats weakly, it increases the strength of your heartbeat.  This once rare mushroom is now successfully cultivated and available to all of us and can seem to ensure a long, healthy life when taken regularly.  When fresh, the mushroom is soft and cork-like.  When dried, it’s like a piece of wood, hard.  Its beneficial properties are water soluble so soaking the mushroom in warm water will make a very healing tea.  I did this one time and not having any guidelines, put the mushroom in the compost pile–where it later produced more mushrooms.  Use the search box and inquire on “mushroom” for a complete listing of mushrooms on this site.


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