Female Fern

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Female FernIf ever there was a fairy fern, this is it.  I was lucky enough to find one 20 years ago and had it in a large pot inside the store by the front door.  It was huge, about 4′ in diameter and seemed to thrive, even in the coldest winters, with the gust of fresh air that came in when customers opened the door.  It also thrived on customer appreciation as almost everyone who came in (at least for the first time) would stop and gaze at it, usually with mouth open.  “Is that real?” was usually the question they asked.  I still have that fern, or its offspring and it is still awe inspiring.  There is also a male fern and they look alike.  The male fern is a larger version and also has an herbal use.

Fern, Female Powder 2.2 LBS (1000 G)
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