Male Fern

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male fern2Male fern is good for strengthening a digestive tract weakened by years of eating wrong, or from parasites, or illness. A healthy digestive tract means a healthy body with great immunity. It is a strong astringent and can destroy parasites. The root is used either as a tea or as a capsule. It improves liver function as part of its digestive help. T Male fern is so named because it is a bigger and bolder fern than the Female fern. Historically Male Fern has been used for bandworms and liver flukes. In homeopathic medicine, Male Fern is used for worms and problems with the lymph system. For centuries, until other alternatives were discovered, Male Fern was an accepted treatment for worms. Smoke from the fern was said to drive away serpents, gnats, and “other noisome creatures.” Modern research has revealed antiviral properties. The plant is found in temperate zones worldwide.

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